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I acknowledge myself as a Corporate Human

A few weeks ago, I was perusing the "Work Relationship Index," where I learned about the dire state of the work relationship—75% of knowledge workers in the UK have an unhealthy connection with their jobs. Undoubtedly, an ailing relationship with our work leaves a mark on both our physical and mental well-being. It's no surprise that there are implications of low performance and productivity in businesses.

On top of feeling engrossed and inundated by our jobs, we grapple with the complexities of the modern world. A technological acceleration we're still trying to comprehend, needing to tame it before we can reap benefits beyond comfort and entertainment. Additionally, we're constantly bombarded by a myriad of geopolitical conflicts—sometimes distant, sometimes closer—leaving us with a sense of fear, powerlessness, and a bewildering despair.

Diversity and inclusion make slow strides, but this progress is fragile. The almost system-designed polarization threatens to set us back decades in a matter of weeks. We also confront the obvious; it's becoming increasingly difficult to pretend that our way of life isn't connected to the planet's ecological crisis. Often, those in marketing, sales, and business turn to the people in politics and see how they're causing the current chaos. But we, the Corporate Humans, how much are we doing to propose and bring about changes—beyond the end of accelerated consumption—in our human behaviour?

In recent weeks, I've been pondering two questions. First, what is "the good life"? What do I truly consider the good life, and why am I not living in accordance with it? I still don't have a definitive answer, but I know my family, my community, good food, enjoyment, physical and mental health, tranquillity, effort, and the creation of beauty are part of the good life. In this last point is where the second question arises. Should we have a right to beauty? Although beauty is partly subjective, it seems that art—both in its creation and enjoyment—is fundamental for our communities, where humanity reaches a sublime level.

I acknowledge myself as a Corporate Human, perhaps as much as an artist. It's precisely there where I'm working on three fundamental points. The first is related to business, seeking a level of excellence and executing the trade with rigor. Today, I can say that I not only lead one of the most significant and profitable businesses in one of the world's largest companies, but the execution in the UK&I is within the top 3 globally.

With my photograph "My ultimate purpose is to contribute with a little bit of literature (written and visual) to the world dominated by the corporate class," I finally embark on a new section related to DE&I. From today, I have been designated as Co-Chair of the HP Global Multicultural BRG, where I'll be discussing, designing, communicating, and executing actions around culture, equity, and inclusion that contribute to creating a more humane community.

Now is the time to have courage; let's continue walking this path.

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