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Shared Unshared

Text: Jessica Crowe

Photo: Sop Rodchenvko

Waiting games, guessing games, classic photographic games, observer observed observing, one picture and its lines and trains and lines of thought. A perfect invitation into a second of captured narrative. Silent communal rituals of public life, eyes not quite meeting eye, subject places us as subject. Furtive acknowledgement, observing each other, rules of social disengagement. The camera brings curiosity and receives it, two-way interactions, backwards forwards left right left right, seconds hung in time and space spaces shared and unshared. Camera given permission to cross boundaries that people alone may not, achieving insight, a way in.

With exchanged glances and glimpses, views are crossed over temporarily, connected then disconnected as quickly, daily movement brings you together takes you away. Invisible dances with chance and randomness, invisible webs of lines drawn as people make their moves through the cityscape. Observing the ordinary reveals the not-so ordinary.

Subject meets camera meets city meets chance meets us. The photographer observes a respectable inquisitive distance, our curiosity is returned, the contrast is cut of a solitary figure in a highly public space. Perspective does its job and draws us in, suspended motion hanging, silent stillness caught before the next wave. Closer would have invaded the subject's space, further away would have lost the feel of intimacy, a feeling of being let into something. Here we are offered the chance to engage in that dynamic between observer and observed, in both directions, exploring and achieving a balance between public privacy and personal space, the role of distance. This photograph occupies the space between privacy, curiosity and intimacy.

Jessica Crowe


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© 2020 by Sop Rodchenvko

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

All text by Sop Rodchenvko are reviewed and copy-edited by Gosia Polanska (Mojek).

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