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Your imagination is the most beautiful slave your mind could have; yet it appears uneasy to liberate it, to feel, create and learn.

Collaboration gives an extremely powerful tool to produce creatures, stories, scent, vibrations and all different monsters that could be created only in the union of two or more thinkers.

Today, in Underground Forum, a series of collaborations has been launched. Based on a photograph taken by myself, the other thinker was invited to write his/her feelings, sensations, ideas, reflexions, or whatever the photo provoked. All had absolute freedom to choose the style and language.

Perhaps it is nearly impossible to imagine the unique feeling of each person, approaching an image for the very first time. Yet I still intend to keep in mind this first sensation.

Please enjoy these short fragments of our feelings and our minds.


Text: IRH

Photo: Sop Rodchenvko

Sol que te aparta de la vista del mundo

fuerza de Esparta

fugaz perfume

[ de la modernidad.




Elegía de la mierda

centro del mundo

luz de jardín



guerras mudas y hacinadas

inmigrantes africanos

que fuman hash

y se hacen boxeadores

amor total.

Cruel ceguera

de la piedra

dame la miel

y te daré la verdad


pornografía iluminada.

Ninfas listas para el incendio

[ y el escape.

pacto no dicho con Apolo

para asesinar al sátiro

[con el olvido.


Urbanita. Ciudad de México.

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All text by Sop Rodchenvko are reviewed and copy-edited by Gosia Polanska (Mojek).

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