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Underground Forum: L’esprit des Métropoles.

L’esprit des Métropoles. Text: Leopold LUCAS Photo: Sop Rodchenvko « Pauvre femme seule, abandonnée, dans ce désert peuplé que l'on appelle Paris ». Mais nous ne sommes pas dans La Traviata de Verdi et nous ne savons pas qui est cette femme, pas plus que nous savons qui est cette foule. Cela n’est à vrai dire pas réellement important : car au-delà de la poésie de ce regard croisé, le négatif de cette photographie ne révèle rien d’autre que l’illustration d’une théorie de l’urbanité métropolitaine. L’histoire racontée par ce cliché, c’est tout d’abord celle d’une rencontre fugace, éphémère et aléatoire : c’est l’expression la plus totale de la serendipity – mot traduisant la possibilité de l’

Underground Forum: The spirit of Metropolis.

The spirit of Metropolis. Text: Leopold LUCAS Photo: Sop Rodchenvko "Poor lonely woman, abandoned in the crowded desert called Paris". But we are not in Verdi's La Traviata, and we do not know who this woman is, nor do we know who the crowd is. This is actually not really important, because beyond the poetry of this fresh perspective, the negative of this photography reveals nothing but an illustration of a theory of the Metropolis urbaness. The story told by this picture, it is first that of a fleeting encounter, fleeting and uncertain: it is the most complete expression of serendipity - word representing the possibility of the unexpected - that is condensed in this snapshot. To find the un

Underground Forum: Desire

Desire Text: IRH Photo: Sop Rodchenvko The street as the nest of bygones And yet love is not desire for the other But desire for the other´s desire Ghost that never leaves a town IRH Ciudad de México.

Underground Forum: A gift of the encounter.

A gift of the encounter. Text: Mojek Photo: Sop Rodchenvko Little by little, I’m ever more astonished. Slowly, in a delicate manner, like if the rain moved a leaf on my way in a misty forest. In a rhythm of the wind, I seem to be listening to music of transition. While approaching another human being, an apparent stranger, I start asking questions carefully, only to receive an answer with a striking speed. Powerful and surprising, a different life opens generously to reveal its own truth. At a glance, a barely noticeable smile flourishes words that discover parallel accounts, inviting to a different world. They draw other realities, full of emotions, which I dare to grasp. I take a deep brea

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