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Underground Forum: Shared Unshared

Shared Unshared Text: Jessica Crowe Photo: Sop Rodchenvko Waiting games, guessing games, classic photographic games, observer observed observing, one picture and its lines and trains and lines of thought. A perfect invitation into a second of captured narrative. Silent communal rituals of public life, eyes not quite meeting eye, subject places us as subject. Furtive acknowledgement, observing each other, rules of social disengagement. The camera brings curiosity and receives it, two-way interactions, backwards forwards left right left right, seconds hung in time and space spaces shared and unshared. Camera given permission to cross boundaries that people alone may not, achieving insight,

Underground Forum: Calm down

Calm down Text: Sop Rodchenvko Photo: Sop Rodchenvko -Don’t you like the music? -Yes, I like it a lot. -Why did you stop it then? -No sure… to be honest, I think I just liked the melody, but not the rest of the song. -But, what is so special about this melody? -… (Slowly, he closed his eyes, and started to cry… In complete silence, took a deep breath…) I’ve been here for more than a thousand journeys. Today, as every single day, I’ve started the journey from one cup of coffee –burned and bitter coffee– and that feeling, a nasty sensation of the smell of all cigarettes smoked last night. In a few minutes and without too much effort, I’m ready to leave the house… As always, I go directly to th

Underground Forum: La mentira vive en la luz.

La mentira vive en la luz. Text: Iñigo Perezcaro Photo: Sop Rodchenvko un poeta ciego me dijo: hay algo que miente al ojo quien lo mira no sabe la verdad de lo mirado en la caverna cotidiana antigua el tiempo teje siluetas traza estampas de sombras caminos de trampantojo la mentira vive en la luz la luz muere en la retina y el ojo que ves no es ojo porque tú lo miras es ojo porque te ve arde tu máscara desnuda en la última escritura en su primera mirada Ficha de autor: Iñigo Perezcaro: Poeta mexicano. A finales del siglo XX participó en el movimiento poético denominado tranzismo, del que fue el único representante. También fue su único crítico. Escribe cuando no le queda otro remedio.

Underground Forum: République.

République. Text: Danielle House Photo: Sop Rodchenvko What does it mean to be a citizen today? Pause on the platform to think. The Oxford English Dictionary guides us to define republic as: “a State in which the supremacy of the people or its elected representatives is formally acknowledged, (fig.) society of which the members regard each other as equals”. Society of which the members regard each other as equals. It seems today that Europe (France, the UK) has lost its way, taken the wrong line on the metro, heading in the opposite direction. The urban networks that link us and create communities are being eroded by quiet forces that seep into the every day, both physically and intangibly.

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