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From My Car

Why are there nearly no photographers shooting office workers’ daily life?

This project will reflect on ontological– of being – and teleological – of purpose – aspects of Corporate Human. I’m increasingly intrigued by how we – people of business, marketing, sales – have been contributing to the world as it is now.

My ultimate purpose is to contribute with a little bit of literature (written and visual) to the world dominated by the corporate class.


My Photography


From My Car

My photography is  about writing poetry: free, for free, democratic and without attachments, in a place that belongs to marketing.

My images generated a narrative nearly by themselves; that narrative allowed me to adjust my thoughts and, little by little, I encountered themes of interest:


 ‘Consciousness’ is a form of therapy. It is embedded in philosophy yet approached from the personal angle.


‘Identity’, quite obviously relates to the fundamental questions of the self, but I also admit that my interest stems from paternity

‘Memory’, is approached from the perspective of a family memory and my life-long recording of the momentary passage of my life.

‘Togetherness’ stems from my interest in how we make a community happen. It narrows down to document collective celebrations and mobilisations, as well as protests, the latter as the means to raise a voice and express political standpoint.

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